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"Seth helped me realize the importance of fitness and nutrition."


Seth is an incredible trainer! I have been working with him for a year now and he has made me a stronger person both physically and mentally. Not only has he helped me reach my personal goals, he has shown me that i have the ability to do more than even I believe I can do. He is patient and brings a very calming energy to our sessions...but really pushes me to another level. I know I am very lucky to have found him!!
-Aviva, Los Angeles
"I met Seth at Barry's Bootcamp. He was my instructor for two night classes every week. He was so motivational that I hired him for private training lessons. He's been such an inspiration in my life to eat well and stay fit. According to my doctor, these past 2 years with Seth have been the healthiest I have been for the past decade. Seth pushes me to do things I could never do on my own and has the patients of a saint because I know i'm not easy to deal with! I can't imagine my life without him and couldn't be more thankful for everything he has done to make a better me!"
-Patty, Los Angeles
“Seth helped me not only reach but exceed my fitness goals by pushing me beyond what I knew I could do in a positive and encouraging way. I saw my body transform in a way I never knew possible losing several inches in just the first month! I saw significant increases in my strength, stamina, and a new found confidence discovering I was more of an athlete than I ever imagined. He also was able to adapt my workout routine when I was injured and always paid particular attention to proper form. Seth made the workouts fun, energetic and I left with a sense of accomplishment and success. I wish we still lived in the same city so he could train me today!”
-Amanda, New York, New York
I really can't say enough about how great my experience was having Seth as my personal trainer. As a military veteran who sustained serious physical injuries I lost a great deal of my physical capacity and over time became severely deconditioned. Then one day I met Seth and we had a brief conversation about my injuries and the difficulties I experience. I began working out with Seth with simple but effective exercises that increased my balance, flexibility, and strength. Seth kept me motivated and focused, not any easy task, and over time I experienced remarkable improvements and a significant reduction in physical pain. I believe Seth knows what he is doing and he guided me to the results I was looking for. I enjoyed his professionalism as a trainer but also his witty sense of humor and on occasion his firm direction when it was needed. After about  one year was able toachieve my goal of increased flexibility, weight loss, and increased strength. After a year of working with Seth I realized my goal of going to Alaska to hike on a glacier. Seth has since moved on but the gift he gave me continues. Thank You Seth!

-CJ, Portland, Oregon

"Seth is a fantastic personal trainer. While his website displays his intensity and incredible abs, what it doesn’t show is how fun and versatile he is to train with. I am a sixty-five year old arthritic woman who has never been into sports or physical fitness, but Seth has had me laughing through our workouts as he pushed me to doing things that I never thought I could do. I have a bad back, bad knees and a bad hip. Seth is a licensed massage therapist. When I’ve had a kink or a strained muscle, he knows how to massage it away."

-Marsha, Hartford, Connecticut
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