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PERSONAL TRAINING is an amazing way to manage your weight, increase muscle tone, reduce stress and increase self esteem. Let Seth G guide you through an intensive, hand crafted hour of rigorous weight lifting, cardio drills, core work, stretching as well as such specialty modalities as boxing, yoga with hand weights and plyometric work. G will work one on one, to best suit your needs in a private gym setting, at your house or in any park in central Los Angeles.


BOOTCAMPS are a great way to workout with your friends and colleagues, burn calories and feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards. Having taught and trained people in a bootcamp setting at Barry's Bootcamp in L.A. & NYC as well as parks through-out the country and resorts around the world, Seth can cater to any of your group workout needs. Indoor or outdoor, let Seth provide a fun filled way to challenge yourself and leave you feeling great and a little sweatier afterwards!


After any strenuous workout or even the daily anxieties of life, MASSAGE THERAPY can help calm tense muscles, relax overworked minds, increase blood circulation and be an all around pivotal part of a well rounded being. Let Seth soothe your aching muscles and unwind your busy mind in an hour long or ninety minute massage. Certified at the prestigious Swedish Institute of Medicine in New York City, you are in trusted and professional hands. 


It's no wonder why 15 million people practice YOGA in the United States. Yoga is a wonderful way to strengthen muscle and bones, reduce stress and increase flexibility. Let Seth G guide you in your yoga practice and even incorporate light hand weights to help you increase muscle endurance and stamina. Whether your looking for another way to switch up your workout or take a more "yin" approach to exercise with some passive stretching, Seth G can help guide you on your path to exercise enlightenment.


NUTRITIONAL GUIDANCE is a pivotal part of improving and maintaining a person's well being. It is said that diet makes up 80% of a person's body composition. Seth is a certified lifestyle and weight management coach, with his expertise he has the ability to customize an eating regimen that fits your personal needs.


Occasionally you may find yourself getting burnt out on the same gym routine. If you are an active individual who knows their way around a health club WORKOUT PROGRAMMING by Seth G, maybe just what you need. Sometimes a new workout program is just what a person needs to spice things up and give you a little bit of motivation for those days you find yourself dragging yourself to the gym. Next to one on one personal training, workout programming is a great option to have.


PRIVATE & GROUP COACHING is a more intimate opportunity to work with Seth one-on-one or semi-privately. A smaller setting allows a more personal and comfortable environment that helps individuals succeed with their health goals and accomplish new lifestyle changes. Consulting in a small group provides the best opportunity to customize a wellness program with Seth.


CORPORATE SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS & GROUP FITNESS can be a great way to increase awareness, boost company moral and teach employees new ways to enhance their lifestyle. Corporations have found that educating healthy habits for employees to eat right and stay fit will decrease time spent out sick and improve overall productivity. Allow Seth to provide his services at your office location for an informative presentation.  

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