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"You already possess everything you need to change your life."


Seth G began his professional health career back in 2006 while studying in New York City obtaining his Associates Degree in Occupational Health. He started his profession working as a massage therapist for several years which made him realize he wanted to learn more about the human body and health. His passion for the human body inspired him to pursue his certification as a lifestyle and weight management coach.


Believing in rigorous and intensive exertion to achieve maximum results, Seth has helped a myriad of people, young and old, overweight and fit, to attain their fitness goals. As a trainer, he believes in practicing from a holistic stand point, working from the ground up, and strengthening the body inside and out. He believes that the human body is capable of achieving amazing things and pushing ourselves to our personal max is the best way in achieving them.



Seth’s experience includes personal and semi-private training, bootcamp instructor, spin class instructor, massage and shiatsu therapist, and marathon trainer. With years of hands-on training experience, Seth can use his expertise spanning a variety of modalities and techniques to help you get the results you want. From having trained clients with weight loss goals to athletes preparing for endurance races, he is familiar with the type of training that best suits your needs. Through body composition analysis, fitness testing, and dietary suggestion, Seth can help individuals achieve their goals and allowing them to become more confident with their body and fitness as a whole.


When he is not training, he stays active by canyon running, hiking, biking, djing and music production, as well as taking on any new and exciting forms of exercise and exercise classes.

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