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My Name is Seth G and I am here to help you change your life. Whether it be to revamp your workout regimen, establish more accountability in the gym or just need sound advice on a food and exercise program, I  am here to help.

I have worked with hundreds of clients, both in group class and personal formats to help empower them and change their bodies. If you have the will I can show you the way. Through guidance, motivation and experience I help my clients establish goals and develop a new healthier lifestyle.

My passion is helping people help themselves. Empowering an individual to take control and realize all the amazingness that we posses is truly what I can say my calling is. Personal Training, although a fraction of the equation, is the first step in helping people feel strong, motivated and sexy.


If you have any inquiries about scheduling a consultation, availability or just have questions in general please feel free to contact Seth by filling out the form.


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